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    Growing up my parents were big believers in candlelight. They’d always say “I don’t care if you are eating fast-food burgers, if you have candlelight it can feel like a 4-star restaurant”. And I couldn’t agree more!

    I love the elegance of the glass hurricane globes and the wood bases make them feel really soulful. I think these would be beautiful on a holiday dining table or buffet with evergreen garland placed on the outside of the base.

    Note: this product does not include a candle.

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    • Does not include candle
    • Decorative candle lantern features hurricane glass and oak base with glass plate
    • The glass plate will catch water and wax drippings keeping the oak from getting water or wax damage and for easy cleaning
    • Measures 5" Diameter by 8.5" Tall
    • Oil the base regularly to keep beautiful
    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:
    So beautiful! I was going to give this as a gift but now I may keep it for myself... It didn't come with a candle but I already had several on hand that would fit this size anyway.