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    The Club is made available seasonally and will include summer, fall, and holiday collections. Each collection includes condiments selected for the season and the foods we crave most.

    Each Condiment Club shipment contains three condiments - a 6.5 oz jar, a 12 oz bottle, and a 16 oz bottle as well as three original recipes to pair with them.

    Once the shipment is sent out you'll be able to replenish your favorites by purchasing them individually in the online shop.

    We are currently offering savings on a 3-box condiment subscription. Click here for details!

    The Summer Collection includes; my Classic BBQ Sauce (16 oz), my Smoky Ketchup (6.5 oz) and my Lavender Simple Syrup (12 oz).

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    • The Club is not an auto-renew product - you can decide to buy it when its announced! If you'd like to save a little money, though, you can elect to prepay for all of this year's remaining three seasons by clicking here.
    • Please note: Because this is food, we are only currently shipping within the continental US, our apologies to our friends who may be disappointed.